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Press release from 22.10.2019:

CRYCO AG with Fosun Europe Innovation Hub as partner. Harald Patt, CEO Fosun Europe Innovation Hub, is appointed to the supervisory board of CRYCO AG.

CRYCO AG was accepted as a member of the Fosun Europe Innovation Hub. This was announced by the CRYCO board member Volker Heun in Düsseldorf.
The partnership opens international markets and networks for its investments, which consist of a combination of both innovative and traditional assets. The company specialises in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and gold.

In addition, Harald Patt, Managing Director of Fosun Group and CEO Fosun Europe Innovation Hub, is appointed to the Supervisory Board of CRYCO AG.
Fosun Europe Innovation Hub GmbH supports companies through its worldwide contacts and experience in diverse markets. European start-ups with innovative business models and modern technologies are combined with Chinese growth dynamics and established partners.

It is a subsidiary of the Chinese Fosun Group, the largest privately owned conglomerate in China.
The company was registered in Hong Kong in 2007 and has since been traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange. It operates in the insurance, industrial, healthcare, retail, real estate, asset management and investment sectors. The turnover in 2018 amounted to approximately 10.8 billion euros.
CRYCO AG and Fosun Innovation Hub GmbH hope that their cooperation will give them access to new markets and an optimised product portfolio for their clients through a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience.

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