Welcome at CRYCO AG

Welcome at CRYCO AG

Change in the financial world

Hardly any other topic has impacted the financial world in recent years as much as digital currencies, also known as crypto currencies. While there were many critical voices in the beginning, today it is impossible to imagine a portfolio with a high degree of diversity without this form of investment. In addition to numerous private investors, institutional investors and even state banks are now increasingly dealing with crypto-currencies – for good reason, because these two advantages alone speak for themselves among others: low correlation compared to conventional forms of investment and a minimised risk of inflation.


Enough motivation for CRYCO AG to support this highly exciting topic scientifically. In our CRYCO THINK TANK FOR FUTURE STUDIES (CTT) we continuously analyse the latest developments and trends. The focus of our digital currencies is Bitcoin.

In addition, we also deal with futurology, digitisation and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Bitcoin - lead currency with a future

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the lead currency of the most modern form of currency. Like all crypto currencies, Bitcoin is not controlled by central banks. Since the Bitcoin is limited to 21 million units, it cannot be produced at will. This makes Bitcoin a promising investment alternative with a lot of potential for increasing the value of your investment.

Unique crypto know-how

With the CEO and founder, Volker Heun, CRYCO AG has a proven expert in the financial sector. Volker Heun was a senior banker at Deutsche Bank Germany and USA for many years. Volker Heun is also a sought-after author, columnist and speaker.

The CRYCO Board of Directors and Supervisory Board are highly qualified and together have around 100 years of experience in the financial sector.

CRYCO AG is also a member of the Fosun Europe Innovation Hub. This is a subsidiary of the Chinese Fosun Group, the largest privately owned conglomerate in China. Fosun Europe is active in the areas of insurance, industry, health care, trade, real estate, asset management and investments. With this cooperation, CRYCO AG sets the course for access to new markets and thus for an optimised product portfolio.

Learn more about CRYCO AG. You are welcome to contact Mr Volker Heun personally:

Learn more about CRYCO AG. You are welcome to contact Mr Volker Heun personally:

Our services

For institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, family offices, foundations etc. as well as private wealthy investors, we offer the following services and modules starting from an investment amount of Euro 5 million:

  • Complete Set Up for own purchase/sale, administration, management of crypto values and this depending on possible own licenses or no licenses

On request:

  •    App to control the solution
  •    Index-based and thus completely passively data-driven baskets of cryptographic values in regulated frameworks with modern technology
  •    Index algorithm (certified by PWC)
  •    Index strategies are also possible individually
  •    Data infrastructure with real time data
  •    Trading infrastructure for automated trading of index strategies/individual securities from consolidated order book
  •    Custodial infrastructure for the automated high-security storage of cryptographic assets
  •    News about our own scientific think tank with numerous publications (studies, books, newsletters etc.)

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